Step 1: Download

Choose an app. Each app presents a different view into the same Scuttlebutt data; once you set up your profile, all your data is stored locally on your device.

For more information and support with specific apps, visit the website for the app's maintainer.

patchwork logo


(Win, MacOS, Linux)

Standalone, beginner-friendly social view of Scuttlebutt.

patchbay logo


(Win, MacOS, Linux)

Bleeding-edge, tab-based interface with experimental features.

patchwork logo



Off-grid mobile app, currently in beta.

hermie logo

These are the current most popular apps, but there are lots more to choose from!

More Apps


Step 2: Get Connected

Since Scuttlebutt is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network, it's up to you to decide what content to download and share. The easiest way to do this is to join a pub; ask someone you know for a pub invite! You can also follow friends directly by exchanging keys.

Step 3: Introduce Yourself! (optional)

There are lots of pubs and users in the Scuttleverse; by convention, making an introductory post to #new-people will let others find you and welcome you into the community, and the global network at large. Be kind, and happy scuttling!